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Next application deadlines:


17 January 2019 for March decision

We are rapidly running out of funds for community projects, but we are taking applications to join a reserve list.

Funds are still available for Rural Enterprise, Farm Diversification and Co-operation projects.


LEADER is a bottom-up method of delivering support to communities and businesses for the development of rural areas. LEADER is a European grant scheme with additional funding from the Scottish Government.  There are seven key elements of the LEADER approach outlined in the diagram below:

Leader Approach diagram.jpg

Forth Valley and Lomond LEADER Local Action Group

The Forth Valley and Lomond LEADER Local Action Group (FVL LAG) has been awarded £2.78million of Scottish Government and European Union money to invest in the development of the rural area, based on the Local Development Strategy that has been approved by the Scottish Government to cover the period 2015 to 2020 (last applications currently March 2019).

Grants are awarded by the Forth valley and Lomond LEADER Local Action Group to projects that support delivery of the Local Development Strategy, which is available here.  A summary showing the strategic objectives that guides how the LAG invests the money is available here.  Successful applications will have to show that they will help to deliver one or more of the following strategic objectives:

  • Strengthening the Rural Economy
  • Building More Sustainable Communities
  • Building Community Reslience
  • Increasing the Understanding of, and Access to, our Natural and Cultural Heritage
  • Realising the Economic and Community Potential of our Strategic Landscape Assets

The eligible area is rural Clackmannanshire, rural Stirling and rural West Dunbartonshire.  A map of the area is available here.