Welcome to FVL LEADER

FVL LEADER LAG is planning for the future. We recently held a series of online workshops to explore our future priorities.  More detail on this will be available soon.


In the meantime please take the opportunity to look out our Legacy Brochure - published in January 2021


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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic the FVL LEADER team are now all working from home in order to ensure that staff can continue to support projects and process grant claims with as little disruption as possible.

If you have any specific questions about your project or your claims, please contact your regular LEADER contact by email or info@fvl.org.uk

Please note, until we  hear otherwise, the current rules governing the running of LEADER still apply.  If there are any changes to this we will be in contact.  Please continue to submit your original documents to us for your claims, but do this BY POST and not in person.  Please keep yourself and others safe by not travelling more than you have to.


If you would like to be part of one of our strategic projects, please do get in touch:

Cycle Tourism marketing and sector development
Local Food and Drink activity
Community Broadband

Wildfood Festival & Foraging Fortnight

LEADER is a method of delivering support to communities and businesses for the development of rural areas. Funding for LEADER comes from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development with additional funding from the Scottish Government.  There are seven key elements of the LEADER approach outlined in the diagram below:

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Forth Valley and Lomond LEADER Local Action Group

The Forth Valley and Lomond LEADER Local Action Group (FVL LAG) has been awarded £2.78 million to invest in the development of our rural area, based on the Local Development Strategy that has been approved by the Scottish Government to cover the period 2015 to 2020 (last applications currently December 2019 or sooner if full allocation is reached).

Grants are awarded by the Forth valley and Lomond LEADER Local Action Group to projects that support delivery of the Local Development Strategy, which is available here.  A summary showing the strategic objectives that guides how the LAG invests the money is available here.  Successful applications will have to show that they will help to deliver one or more of the following strategic objectives:

  • Strengthening the Rural Economy
  • Building More Sustainable Communities
  • Building Community Resilience
  • Increasing the Understanding of, and Access to, our Natural and Cultural Heritage
  • Realising the Economic and Community Potential of our Strategic Landscape Assets

The eligible area is rural Clackmannanshire, rural Stirling and rural West Dunbartonshire.  A map of the area is available here.  And a list of the key settlements in the eligible area is available here.