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 The 2023/24 Community Led Local Development (CLLD) programme is now closed, with the final allocation of funding much higher than originally allocated with the final sum being £656,134.30 which was awarded to 36 projects ..

As in previous years the programme continues to build on the positive legacy of the rural LEADER Programme and the learning of the more recent Scottish Government's Rural Communities Testing Change funding. 

CLLD gives local communities the power to tackle their own, local challenges. By building knowledge and skills, supporting new ideas and encouraging co-operation, CLLD helps to create viable and resilient communities.

During this interim phase Local Action Groups across Scotland will be awarded funds to allow new programmes of grant funding to open up and be available to communities and businesses until March 2025.  A new Scottish Agriculture and Rural Communities Bill is currently being prepared for April 2025 which will include funding available for rural communities in the future (if you are invited to participate in any consultations regarding this important piece of new legislation, please do participate). 

In this next year (2024/25) the Local Action Group have agreed to increase the minimum grant amount to £30,000 with the focus still on the enabling role of the funding (ie the CLLD is a stepping stone to a bigger, wider or more strategic project happening) for projects which follow the LAG Strategic Priorities.  If you have a project idea you would like to discuss, please get in touch with info@fvl.org.uk


In the meantime you can read about the projects funded in our LEADER programme which can be found in our Legacy Brochure  or click on the box below for the online version:



Forth Valley and Lomond Local Action Group

The Forth Valley and Lomond Local Action Group (FVL LAG) is a partnership group made up of community and business volunteers as well as agencies who have an interest in the development of rural Forth Valley and the Loch Lomond area.  This year's funding is being released to us in phases, with tranche 1 having now been confirmed as £341,087.29 for both revenue and capital projects.

Grants of up to £30k will be awarded by the Local Action Group to revenue projects that support delivery of the Community Vision Plan.  Capital projects do not have an upper limit, but will be constrained by the funding available. Successful applications will have to show that they will deliver one or more of the following strategic objectives:

  • Investing in Sustainable Economic Actions
  • Creating Resilient and Smart Communities
  • Preparing Climate Actions and Responding to the Climate Emergency
  • Fostering Partnership Working
  • Addressing Inequalities and Social Inclusion

In addition to capital and revenue projects, we will also be looking to support Collaboration (Cooperation) projects and youth projects through the Youth LAG's Youth Impact Fund.  More on this to come shortly.

The eligible area is rural Clackmannanshire, rural Stirling and rural West Dunbartonshire.  A map of the area is available here.  And a list of the key settlements in the eligible area is available HERE

More detailed guidance for applications is available HERE

If you would like to speak to one of the team please email info@fvl.org.uk and a member of the team will get back in touch.

 FVL LAG held a series of online workshops in early 2021 to explore future priorities.  Please find a link to the workshop report here


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