Wild Food Training Programme

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Forth Valley and Lomond LEADER (FVL) are offering this unique and fully funded opportunity to take part in this specialist Wild Food training programme, designed and run by Mark Williams of Galloway Wild Foods. This programme has been developed to help small businesses (existing and new starts) to develop foraging-based enterprises in the FVL LEADER area - see map below.


The course is designed to:

  • Expand your working knowledge of edible and useful wild plants, fungi and seaweeds across the seasons

  • Develop guiding, teaching and presentation skills

  • Support the innovation, development and marketing of wild food based events, menus and products

  • Promote ethical, sustainable and safe foraging practices

  • Establish successful wild food based businesses


What does the course involve?

  • 7 full-day indoor and outdoor training events at selected locations across the FVL area between March and November 2019

  • 1 day field trip to a coastal location outwith the FVL area

  • 5 day field trip to Finland to meet other foragers and foraging based businesses August 2019

  • Course delivered by Mark Williams of Galloway Wild Foods, with guest teachers that have particular fields of expertise

  • Design and delivery of foraging events and products for a region-wide foraging festival in September 2019

  • Mentoring of new projects and businesses


Who can apply?

  • Individuals who live and/or run a business, or aspire to run a business, with a focus on wild food, in the FVL area

  • Some prior foraging knowledge is required for aspiring foraging guides, but is not essential for food businesses/chefs

  • Anyone who feels passionate about incorporating wild food in their current or future business, and has a strong commitment to attending the entire course curriculum


We invite applications from the following types of participants (but not restricted to), based or operating in the FVL LEADER area

  • Chefs

  • Owners of restaurants/cafes

  • Owners of existing food businesses thinking of product development

  • People thinking of setting up new food businesses which will involve wild food

  • Outdoor education and activity providers, or walking guides/rangers

  • People thinking of starting a business offering foraging walks/experiences



What does it cost?

  • The whole course, including all aspects of the overseas trip apart from travel insurance cost, is fully funded for successful applicants (actual value around £2400 per person)

Participants are asked to contribute £250 towards the programme, which will be fully refunded to them at the end of the programme if they have kept their commitments as outlined in the letter of agreement.

If the costs pose a barrier for you to take part, please get in touch with us at the time of application.

  • Successful applicants must be able to travel at their own cost to the Scottish locations


How To Apply

Deadline for applications is Midnight on 23rd February

Successful applicants will be notified by 1st March.

Please apply by email to Nikki Kenn - kennn@stirling.gov.uk

AFTER reading the further information on the document links...

Include all three elements noted below

1. Please provide your residential/business location (not full address) and details of your commitment to this area in your applicationApplicants must be running, or proposing to run, a business involving wild food or foraging, in the Forth Valley and Lomond Leader area - see separate map for boundaries. .

 2. Submit answers to the following questions:

What is your personal interest in foraging and what have you learned from this so far? (max. 400 words)

• What business involving wild food/foraging would you like to realise, or how might wild food/foraging be incorporated into your existing business? (max 400 words)

• How do you think this training program would help you to realise your foraging business aspirations? (max 400 words)


3. Read, consider and agree, in principle, to the ‘letter of commitent’ document between yourself and FVL LEADER (successful applicants will be asked to sign paper copies)

Further information

  • For a full description of the course and training dates, the commitment required from applicants, and the boundary map of the FVL area, please see links below

Training Programme Outline and Application Process

(Word Version)Training Programme Outline and Application Process

Letter of Commitment

Map of Forth Valley Lomond LEADER area