About FVL CLLD (Community Led Local Development)

Our Priorities

FVL Local Action Group submitted its Community Vision Plan to the Scottish Government's Rural Communities Team in May 2023 listing the priorities and what the Local Action Group is looking to fund in the area.  This vision plan is based on the consultation work that took place in 2021 in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  This allowed us to identify the following five strategic priorities which we feel are the most relevant to this area at this point in time:

  • Investing in Sustainable Economic Actions
  • Creating Resilient and Smart Communities
  • Preparing Climate Actions and Responding to the Climate Emergency
  • Fostering Partnership Working
  • Addressing Inequalities and Social Inclusion

The overarching theme is capacity building within communities and enabling community led projects in the rural area to start their development, move forward, or complete if they are small projects needed before a larger project can start.

This is with a view to supporting key projects for the area to be taken forward, projects which are embedded in the community and which dovetail with other funders and funding that will come in future years - from any source (eg future CLLD, Shared Prosperity Fund, Rural Tourism Infrastructure Fund, Investing in Communities, etc)

Funding Available

The Forth Valley and Lomond area has been allocated £135,415 for Revenue Projects and £340,400 for Capital Projects for this interim year (until March 2024).

Grants of up to £10,000 per project will be awarded subject to approval by the Local Action Group that they are well thought through and fit with the priorities listed above.  A minimum grant size has been set at £2,500.

What is Community Led Local Development?

Community Led Local Development CLLD is the term used to describe the method developed and promoted by the previous LEADER programmes which have been evolving in rural parts of Europe since 1991.  It essentially delivers support to communities and businesses for very local grassroots development of rural areas in innovative and different ways.  Until recently, funding for LEADER has come from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development with additional funding from the Scottish Government.  Funding for CLLD is currently being provided entirely by the Scottish Government's Rural Communities Team.

There are seven key elements of the CLLD/LEADER approach outlined in the diagram below:

 Leader Approach diagram.jpg

Farm Diversification & Rural Enterprise

We encourage rural businesses and land mangers to apply to us too - particularly projects which involve land managers and communities working together.