Our Priorities

FVL LEADER published a Local Development Strategy that guides what the Local Action Group is looking to fund in the area.  The five strategice objectives are:

  • Strengthening the Rural Economy in the Forth Valley and Lomond area
  • Building More Sustainable Communities
  • Building Community Resilience
  • Increasing the Understanding of, and Access to, our Natural and Cultural Heritage
  • Realising the Economic and Community Potential of our Strategic Landscape Assets

Under each of these strategic objectives are a number of very specific objectives.  Please look at the Local Development Strategy for the detailed objectives and actions.  

In order to assist applicants, the Local Action Group has prioritised its funds for specific project types, which are listed below:

Priority Project Types

1. Food and Drink projects
2. Sustainable Tourism projects
3. Environmental Landscapes - built and natural
4. Community Empowerment projects
5. Creative Industries projects

Funding Allocation

FVL LEADER was allocated £2.78 million to invest in the development of the rural area. Funds are ring fenced for projects as in the chart below.

Allocation Pie Chart.jpg


The LAG have set a lower limit on applications as they will not fund applications for under £5,000 and have set an upper limit on applications to the Farm Diversification & Rural Enterprise fund (outlined below) of £25,000.  There is no upper limit for applications to the main grant scheme but, as the fund is limited, applications for higher sums would have to deliver substantially on our strategic priorities in order to be successful.

Farm Diversification & Rural Enterprise

At FVL LEADER, we encourage rural businesses and land mangers to apply to us too - as long as the project ideas are viable and meet the priorities.