This year's funding for CLLD is being released in tranches so at this point in time only the first tranche of funding has been released across Scotland.  The FVL part of this is £341,087.29 and is for both capital and revenue projects.

There will be further funding coming to the area, including Collaboration (Cooperation) Funding - so if you are thinking of a project which will colloborate with another part of Scotland, UK or Europe - please start planning for these projects NOW.

Whatever the nature of your project please look first at the agreed priorities for the area (see Homepage) and undertaking any preparatory works on projects you are planning on applying to CLLD for, and discussing your ideas with us to make sure they fit with the FVL LAG Strategic Priorities.  Remember getting your statutory consents in place for any capital works can take some time, so please make sure you have applied for these before you apply for CLLD as otherwise you may find it difficult to deliver your capital project within the timescale.

The maximum grant in FVL area is £30,000 for revenue projects.  Capital projects do not have a maximum limit, although will be constrained by the amount of funding available.

And if there is a youth aspect to your project you may be able to apply to an exciting new Youth Impact Fund coming via the Youth LAG (more on this to come).

This year we will are operating a new Online Expression of Interest first stage to streamline the amount of information provided at the earlier stages of your project and to check whether your project is likely to fit the CLLD criteria.

As many will have noticed, we are a leaner team these days, so if you need to contact us please email us on although it may take a few days for us to respond to you.