Celebrating 25 years of LEADER in Scotland and Planning for the Future

We were delighted to be invited by our very own MSP Bruce Crawford to a celebration of 25 (+) years in Scotland at the Scottish Parliament at on 22nd February 2019.  In his capacity of convenor of the Finance and Constitution Committee at the Scottish Parliament, and in  partnership with the Minister for Rural Affairs Marie Gougeon MSP, all the Chairs of the Scottish LEADER LAGs were invited to share the achievements and successes of LEADER. 

Bruce Crawford Introducing Event.jpg

The purpose of the celebration was really to highlight the amazing reach of a relatively small amount of money (£77million) across the whole of rural Scotland, show the difference that LEADER funding has made over the years, the number of volunteers who have got involved in LEADER projects, and the huge loss that would be incurred by communities AND businesses if Community Led Local Development (the other name for LEADER) were to disappear. 

Obviously there is alot of uncertainty politically about the future, but it's good to know that we've got the support of our MSPs (thanks to all who attended or gave apologies) who are helping ensure there will be a future.


Bruce Crawford MSP welcoming everyone to the reception, see video on Homepage