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*Breaking News* FVL LAG has been awarded funds to trial a Climate Nudge Fund for small businesses and community groups as part of the Scottish Government's Rural Communities Test of Change initiative.

Grants of up to £3,000 are available for a minimum of 24 rural businesses or communities to purchase items or commission pieces of work which will reduce their carbon impact or will help their customers reduce their carbon impact.

For activities which will save the applicant money grants will be offered at a 50% intervention rate (eg an activity that reduces your running costs).

For activities which won’t save the applicant money grants will be offered at a 100% intervention rate.

The grant can be used for the purchase and installation of equipment, technical studies or pieces of research to identify best solution to a particular climate/carbon issue, or contractor costs.

for a copy of the application form or to discuss your idea for a grant award, please contact Carolyn McGill