There's a lot of interest in composting toilets of late, and we've been asked to repost the link to the 'Eco-Loo' study which we commissioned in 2010 - also known as Sustainable Toilets in Rural Locations. 

Some research just doesn't go out of date...even if the topic matter still raises an eyebrow and a giggle or two - oh how we smirked as Stuart tested out his presentation on us before going to the LAG for discussion!

So, the LAG's study into the Provision of Sustainable Toilets in Remote Rural Locations is a detailed (94 page) piece of research which was produced by Living Water Eco Systems in February 2010.  It takes you through all the different steps to consider when designing and installing a composting toilet as well as the infrastructure and regulatory requirements and the all important ongoing management issues.

The reason for the research at the time was because a number of community organisations in our area were going down the route of wanting to install a composting toilet, sometimes because it was expected that a composting toilet would be a cheaper option than connecting to the mains or installing a septic tank, but sadly we were seeing these projects stalling because they became just too complicated or too expensive to continue  - particularly for community projects reliant on community volunteers to take them forward.  So the LAG's thinking was to produce a guide to assist community groups (and businesses) to help make the right choices before spending too much time and too many pennies (ha! I had to get that in somewhere). 

A review of 12 case studies was also carried out as part of the research in order to identify good examples as well as examples of where composting toilets haven't worked so well and the reasons why.

I am pleased to report that since 2010 a lot of community projects and public organisations from all over have used this research - some realising early on that a composting toilet just wouldn't work for them - but thankfully we have had a fair number successfully installing composting toilets that are still going a good composting way!

Here's the link to the study for anyone thinking of installing a composting toilet - or pass it on to anyone you know developing a project involving composting toilets!