LEADER projects assistant - Hanna Deblén



Hanna is our new member of the LEADER team. She is born and raised in Sweden and is currently studying International administration with emphasis of the English language at Linnaeus University in Växjö, Sweden. Hanna has come here as an intern to work with us for the next 15 weeks. Among other things, she will participate in the cycling tourism project and the local food market project. Her interests include for example tourism and travelling.

The reason why I applied for the trainee post was the desire to work with something that is interesting and stimulating and where I also get the opportunity to develop and broaden my knowledge through new challenging tasks. I am also highly interested in working for LEADER since I found your work very important, for example within the areas of administration, sustainable development, tourism and cultural heritage. I therefore, very much appreciate to be a part of LEADER’s important mission to deliver support to communities and businesses for the development of rural areas. Since, many friends and family live in rural areas I can very much relate to and understand the importance of the work LEADER do.

 Contact her at: deblenh@stirling.gov.uk