Help us plan for the future!

Forth Valley and Lomond LEADER Local Action Group are running a series of workshops to help shape the future direction and build on the opportunities and successes of the FVL LEADER programme.

We are keen to hear from you about the priority issues in your community that you consider to be of greatest importance over the next 5-10 years, as well as any ideas you have for addressing these. Your input will help to inform the new FVL LEADER strategy.

We are running a series of 5 workshops to explore new themes that the FVL LEADER Local Action Group has developed as part of FVL LEADER’s new Local Development Strategy.  

  1. 27th January 6pm Legacy Event: Sustainable Economic Actions
  2. 3rd February 6pm Legacy Event: Creating Resilient and Smart Communities
  3. 10th February 6pm Legacy Event: Fostering Partnership Working
  4. 17th February  6pm Legacy Event: Preparing Climate Actions
  5. 24th February 6pm Legacy Event: Addressing Inequalities and Social Inclusion

We would like to invite you to attend one or more of the five workshops to discuss this further. You may attend as many workshops as you like depending on the types of priorities you wish to see realised in your community.

In addition to these 5 themes, each workshop will consider how issues and solutions raised can link to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as these are becoming increasingly relevant to all aspects of community development, funding applications and local delivery.

Each workshop will cover:

  • An overview of the range and types of projects carried out as part of the previous FVL LEADER programme and outline the current status of it.
  • Introduce the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the 5 new themes that will form the basis of the future FVL LEADER programme.
  • Show exemplars of previous FVL LEADER projects specific to each theme.
  • Facilitated discussion with participants about key community priorities and potential solutions and projects to address these including how these align with the UN SDGs.
  • Next steps.


Prior to attending the workshop(s) we would be grateful if you could let us know the key issues and project types being considered within your community. This will allow us to explore common themes that may emerge in the workshop and identify potential partnership opportunities.