LEADER post referendum

The question on everyone's lips (including ours) is what happens to LEADER post the EU referendum decision to leave the EU.  The short answer is that nobody really knows, as it all rests on the detail of the terms of the UK leaving the EU which has yet to be discussed.  The worst case scenario is that LEADER stops at the point that "Brexit" occurs which could be within the next 2 years.  As only part of the LEADER funding is sourced from the EU, a better case scenario for LEADER would be that a special arrangement is made for the Scottish programmes to be financed to continue to their originally planned end (2020).  Future programmes would be dependent on future governments deciding on whether they wanted Community Led Local Development to be used as a tool to deliver rural development or not - hopefully the answer would be yes, and the LEADER Local Action Groups across the country will be campaigning to ensure the voice of rural communities are heard, but nothing is guaranteed.

In the meantime, and certainly as an interim measure, if you have a clear idea for a project that you think would be eligible, it would be prudent to submit your application to LEADER as quickly as you can!  You can always contact the LEADER office to chat to one of the Development Officers if you're not sure 01786 233157.