'Together We Can, Together We Will' is the title of the National Council of Rural Advisors consultation on the future of Scotland's rural economy - a rural conversation as they are calling it.

We are pleased to say that we were able to organise ourselves sufficiently to make a submission from Forth Valley and Lomond LEADER LAG based on our experience of the many projects supported and had contact with over the many years of our existence - this includes community groups, businesses and land managers.  The questions did cause us to scatch our heads and hearts over our thoughts on the future of rural development in Scotland post Brexit - there were many questions and all required detail and examples, such as the LEADER funded Balmaha Community Pontoon project (pictured below).

Balmaha-Support resized.jpg

"...our view is that the solutions to the challenges our rural economy will face overthe next number of years will be found within our existing communities and businesses, and the key will be to support those communities and businesses to identify, develop and implement those solutions..."

This is just a short snippet, to read the full response, click here FVL LAG Response