If you are in the process of planning or building a path for your community, or even have only just started thinking about it, you may soon hit some hurdles. Well a problem shared is a problem halved. We are bringing together some very knowledgeable speakers from the communities of Gargunnock, St Fillans, Strathblane and Dunblane to tell us about their community path projects. All four communities are at at different stages with their path projects, some have completed multiple path projects, and so are the best placed to answer any questions you may have as you set out with your plans, but all are inspirational!

Questions are invited about funding, working with landowners, getting the wider community on board and tips to share.

There will also be other experts in the 'audience' too who will be able to answer questions, give advice, or just offer moral support.

This is the first of our Shared Learning sessions based on a topic we get many enquiries about - and we'd love to see more projects coming forward as we look towards being carbon neutral, encourage more people to be active, and better connect our rural communities.

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