New Local Food & Drink Co-ordinator in post!

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Who, what, how?

 The new LAG-led project of a Local Food & Drink Co-ordinator role is now live, with Ashley Robinson in post. The role is funded by Forth Valley & Lomond LEADER and Stirling Council until February 2018, and covers Stirlingshire, West Dunbartonshire and Clackmannanshire council areas. This role benefits from a LFDC Steering Group, and works in partnership with Forth Environment Link, Clackmannanshire Council, West Dunbartonshire Council, and others.

A plan for the future of food in Stirling

This is a really exciting step for the whole local food and drink sector in the area, as the post will ensure that dedicated time and energy goes into the creation of a local food and drink Vision, Strategy and Action Plan. More information on what that means can be found here, but in a nutshell, it's a bit of a plan of where we want to go as a region in terms of food.

How will this work be carried out? Our approach:

Comprehensive & holistic view: How we grow, process, serve and eat food affects all of us - from our economy and environment, to our communities and well-being. Looking at the big picture will be vital to creating a comprehensive and effective Strategy and Action Plan. How does our policies and practices in all sectors - government, health, education, business, etc - contribute to the food system in Stirling, and how does this need to change for the better?

Learning from others & building on what's there: This will mean learning from best practice of other areas who have thriving food and drink sectors, and engaging across our area to learn what our aspirations are in terms of food.  What is already happening here? What are the opportunities in our area? What are the models we want to replicate? What areas can we aspire to?

What do you want to see? Engagement & collaboration: We want all sorts of folks to participate in the discussion - individuals, businesses, organisations, and public bodies who grow, cook, buy, sell, or eat food in the area. Everyone has a voice and everyone has a part to play in creating a more inclusive and thriving food system in Stirling.

What next and how do I get involved?

Soon, we will be launching engagement sessions, online surveys, and other ways where you can contribute - over the summer months and into the autumn. The information gathered will feed into the Vision, Action Plan and Strategy, which the Co-ordinator will launch and start to implement.

It's still early stages in the project and the post, so please keep checking back for more information and ways that you can get involved. Follow our progress on Twitter, like our page on Facebook, and check back here on the 'Project' page of the FVL LEADER website. Or, get in touch via our contact page.