Current LAG-led Projects

The FVL LEADER Local Action Group (LAG) can lead on projects - recognising a need or demand in the area, and proposing a project as an avenue to help meet that need in a comprehensive way.

Local Food & Drink Co-ordinator (LFDC) post

At the moment, the FVL LEADER LAG has one LAG-led project - funding a Local Food & Drink Co-ordinator post. Read all about the Local Food & Drink Co-ordinator role here. One of the main outcomes of the post will the creation of a local food vision, strategy and action plan for the Forth Valley and Loch Lomond area - which you can read about here. Or, follow the LFDC on Twitter, or like our page on Facebook.

The LAG is currently exploring of two other LAG led projects which have been identified as needing to be taken forward:

1. A cycle tourism project

2. A community broadband project

If you would like to help us develop these projects, please do get in touch.  If there are other projects that you think the LAG could usefully deliver, please drop the Programme Manager an email.

Past Project Case Studies

We plan to make case studies of all projects we fund available on this page. They will be available to show what difference Forth Valley and Lomond LEADER has made, to inspire people as to what is possible with LEADER funding and to give readers an idea as to what is going on in the Forth Valley and Lomond area.

However, the Programme has only just opened to applications and so it is a little early to have case studies available.  We plan to start populating this page very soon though and so it is worth revisiting.  We will promote new case studies on social media when we publish them so it is worth following us on Twitter and Facebook.

Celebration Publication - 100 FVL LEADER projects

For a look at what we have funded in the last programme, please look at our Celebration Publication - 100 projects funded in the last programme!

Community Broadband Study Tour to Sweden

In August 2011, an intrepid group from the Forth Valley and Lomond area set off to learn about superfast broadband in Sweden - how could a country which has a much lower population density than Scotland manage to achieve such enviable speeds and reliability of service from their broadband provision - and with MUCH colder temperatures than Scotland to contend with, albeit with similarly challenging geography.  The group also wanted to learn about what difference having access to superfast broadband had made to life in Sweden.  Click here for a copy of the report