Cycle Tourism

This project is now completed but we are delighted that it led to a closer working between partners in the Forth Valley and Sustrans who subsequently became more involved in the promotion of recreation cycling (aka Cycle Tourism).

So whilst the legacy of the project lies primarily within the print and video materials created by the project, it has also left a strong legacy of partnership working with Sustrans, and an increased interest in the LAG of 'filling in the gaps' of cycle infrastructure from a tourism perspective. Our link with Sustrans continues also through the recruitment of Jason by Sustrans immediately after the project completed.

The Cycle Tourism Project is a new strategic project funded by FVL LEADER. The project will research and bring together what cycle infrastructure (e.g. paths/routes, signage, mapping, bike hire, accommodation, food stops, public transport links) our area provides and work with organisations and communities to promote our region in terms of cycling. By promoting cycle tourism across the area, we can support and encourage businesses and communities within the FVL area to see the potential of the market and come forward with their own projects.

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Jason Clark has been appointed as Marketing and Tourism Officer (Cycling) and he will work with partners and businesses to help identify gaps and support opportunities identified in our area. To assist with this, he will be developing a brand, merchandise and prototype promotional infrastructure such as branded bike racks.

There is an opportunity to link cycling and food and drink in our region and we will work with partners (including our Food and Drink Co-ordinator, local food producers/providers, and Forth Environment Link) to provide unique routes and events linking these two themes. Other opportunities exist within culture, heritage and wildlife habitat trails (e.g. Round the Forth, Carse of Stirling, John Muir Way, SSSIs and reserves) and we are keen to work with businesses and partnerships who have other innovative ideas about promoting cycle tourism.

By the end of our project, we aim to have a comprehensive report covering existing cycle routes, infrastructure provision, information and events in our region and evaluated what has been done so far to inform developments and opportunities going forward.

Cycle Tourism in the Forth Valley and Lomond Area project report.

Short term impact of the project 2018-2020

  • Increased support for communities, organisations and businesses to develop and promote cycle tourism in Forth Valley Lomond region
  • Improved access, facilities, information and interpretation for cycling in order to increase the visitor appeal of the area
  • The creation of a 5 year action plan of priorities for the region

Longer term impact beyond 2020

  • Increased development of cycle routes and events in the area 
  • Better planned cycling infrastructure developments