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Take part in the 2019

Forth Valley Food Fest!

We are looking for businesses, communities and organisations who love local food to participate in the 2019 Forth Valley Food Festival - a celebration and showcase of all things local food in the Forth Valley! 

What & When?

The Forth Valley Food Fest is a food trail and promotional campaign running from October 11th - 20th, 2019 to celebrate the harvest season in the Forth Valley region. This promotional campaign will highlight local food producers and local food activities under a common theme of celebrating the local provenance of the Forth Valley region. 



The aim is to raise the profile of local food producers and providers in our area, encourage tourists and residents to engage with local farms and food activities, and support local businesses to showcase local and seasonal products in innovative ways.  

The Forth Valley Food Fest ran in 2018 as a pilot promotional campaign and food activity trail, and was very well-received! For example, one of the participating businesses last year, Gartur Stitch Farm, used the Food Fest as a way to trial demand for 'Meet the Goats' farm tours. These were so well received over the week of the Food Fest, Gartur Stitch ended up expanding and extending their offering to farm tours from a pilot to every weekend. 


Who & How?

To participate, we’re asking that your business, community or organisation to: 

  • Host an activity or promotion that celebrates or showcases local, seasonal produce (examples below)

  • Use the Forth Valley Food Fest logos and branding (ie on social media, or in your shop/café/market)

  • Use the campaign hashtag, #ForthValleyFoodFest , and promote, promote, promote!


Next steps to get involved as a participant:

Please get in touch with the Local Food & Drink Coordinator, Ashley Robinson at Robinsona @, if you'd like to participate in the Forth Valley Food Fest this year.

If you know what you'd like to do for the Festival, please send the following information by mid-September:

1) About your activity/event/promotion:

- Dates and timings

- Short description

- Photo(s) to use for promotion

- Booking information & links (if applicable)

- How you are supporting local food (if applicable)

  ie for a promotion – tell me which local products your promoting, for a special menu item – which ingredients are local, for a harvest dinner – which local producers are you using, etc.


2) About your organisation/ business:

- Name

- Webpage

- Social media channels

- Logos to use for promotion

- Contact info – name, email, phone

We can arrange to have a quick chat on the phone or in person to discuss potential ways to get involved, and connect you to resources that will make your participation a success. We can offer use of the Food Fest branding and marketing materials, development support, promotional and communications support, and hosting of the Festival trail on our website.  


Examples of Forth Valley Food Fest activities:

  • Social media campaign – a series of posts across the campaign period – this could be telling your story as a producer, explaining your commitment to local/seasonal food, or offering a peek behind the scenes of your local food business
  • Special seasonal/local menu featuring local produce or a particular producer, supplier, or product

  • Promotional deal that encourages people to buy local

  • Harvest dinner or harvest lunch – could be special ticketed service that showcases the best of the region

  • Farm tour – open your doors for a day or for set times over the campaign

  • Collaborative offering - team up with other participating businesses – ie. invite a local producer to have a pop-up stall or demo at your farm shop

  • Cookery/production demo – host a one-off or series of demos for your customers, showcasing a particular product, skill, or process

  • Seasonal/local bundles –  café could offer a locally sourced fry-up or a seasonal lunch option, a farm shop could offer a local/seasonal hampers, or a B&B could offer a local brekky

  • Host a presentation, social, or film – host a chat, panel, presentation, networking event, or film showing around the themes of supporting local/seasonal producers

Remember that you may already have activities or promotions about local food that coincide with the campaign, if so, no need to reinvent the wheel - just shout about your local food love under the #ForthValleyFoodFest banner!


Thanks and see you in October!