Local Food & Drink



About the Local Food & Drink Coordinator project:

Funded by Forth Valley & Lomond LEADER and Stirling Council, and in partnership with Forth Environment Link, Clackmannanshire Council and West Dunbartonshire Council, a Local Food & Drink Co-ordinator post was appointed to help grow, support, and innovate the local food system in the area. The major focus of the role has been the creation of a Local Food & Drink Vision, Strategy & Action Plan for the Forth Valley & Loch Lomond area.

This work was led by Ashley Robinson supported by a Steering Group made up of representatives from Stirling Council, FVL LEADER, Forth Environment Link, West Dunbartonshire Council, Clackmannanshire Council and others.

The role of the Local Food & Drink Coordinator concluded in March 2020, however many aspects of the project continue to be delivered through project partners, organisations and the local food and drink business network. 

Project Aims

The Local Food & Drink Co-ordinator role is to help build a resilient, diverse, and vibrant local food system and economy in the Forth Valley and Loch Lomond area. Aims include:

- Producing a Local Food and Drink Strategy and Action Plan for the area

- Increasing the range and number of local food production, processing, retail, and markets in the area

- Helping businesses, agencies, public bodies, and individuals work collectively/collaboratively to increase local food production

- Supporting a food system that is rooted in local economy, tourism, and ecology - one that promotes the FVL area as an area of outstanding and varied local food.

Local Food & Drink Co-ordinator Steering Group

The direction and focus of the LFDC role is steered by the LFDC Steering Group. This is made up of a variety of stakeholders involved in the creation and implementation of hte LFDC role. Most representatives have come from the Forth Valley and Lomond Local Action Group, as this is the lead funder for the LFDC role, with other relevant representatives on the group as well. Current Steering Group members can be found here.