Local Development Strategy

Our Local Development Strategy is the guiding document over what FVL LEADER can and can't fund, so it is important you are familiar with the document, particularly the objectives and LEADER interventions listed.

This shows that both capital and revenue projects (and sometimes a mix of both) can be supported by LEADER.

However, alongside the Local Development Strategy, there are rules which mean certain expenditure items are ineligible for LEADER funding.

This includes:

  • Any activities which are eligible for funding from another scheme within the Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP).
  • Any activities already part supported by EU funding.
  • Ongoing running costs of your organisation or business.
  • Routine maintenance and repairs.
  • Expenditure committed to or incurred before your grant has been awarded (offer letter signed and returned).
  • Recoverable VAT.
  • In-kind costs.
  • Improvements to buildings as a requirement of changes to legislation e.g. Disability Discrimination Act. 
  • Alcohol.
  • Any actions already being funded by European Structural Funds under other Programmes or other European Union-funded initiatives.
  • Hire purchase, extended credit agreements and finance leases for capital purchases.

If you have any questions about the eligibility of your project, please discuss this with a member of the LEADER team.  You can contact us here.


Strategic Routes Map

The Strategic Routes Map was developed to identify existing and aspirational routes that are over 5 miles that will connect communities, public transport services and provide opportunities for functional and recreational travel via walking or cycling across the three local authority borders and beyond in the Forth Valley LEADER area.

The map was designed to help applicants and the Local Action Group (LAG) members understand the opportunities and challenges presented by the existing strategic route network for walking and cycling, especially those businesses which are linked to tourism, food and drink, outdoor recreation and the creative industries.

Details of the Strategic Routes Map can be found here or via the button on the left side of this page. A couple of notes about the creation and use of the map:

  • It was created using information provided by the local authorities in 2015 and information gathered by Forth Valley & Lomond LEADER steering group members in 2015/16.  Aspirational routes are indicative and may change as and when landowner negotiations are carried out and routes are developed.
  • The strategic routes are defined as those being over 5 miles that will connect communities and provide opportunities for functional and recreational travel.  If you think there is a strategic route or a smaller connecting route that does not appear on the map please let us know at the contact us page. 
  • LEADER will also consider funding routes not detailed on the map as long as they fit with our Strategic Outcomes which are summarised here and have sourced appropriate match funding.
  • Train stations are detailed on the map but for more details on train, bus and ferry links please refer to the Public Transport Map below and/or to Traveline Scotland.


Public Transport Map

A key part of understanding Strategic Routes is understanding the public transport network to ensure that there is an integrated network for travel across the area. Within the GIS analysis of the Strategic Routes Map, public transport connections have been included, however to clearly display this information on a map, it has been necessary to produce two separate maps; The Strategic Routes Map and Public Transport Map.

A copy of the Public Transport Map can be found here and via the button on the left hand side of this page. Please note that this map was created late in 2016; services may have changed, if you know of any changes please let us know via our contact us link. If you are looking for current travel information please refer to Traveline Scotland.

If you have any queries about the details of these maps please get in touch via the contact us link.